10-Minute Oil Change

Ask the experts.  If there is one single thing that you can do to ensure that your car stays in good condition as long as possible, it is to have a 10 minute oil change when you run for 3,000 miles or so.

Some people may quibble about the conditions under which most cars run, saying that if you drive under “normal’ conditions, you may not need to change oil quite as often.  Most driving conditions in this day and age, however, seem to be far from the norm. Normal driving covers driving in the highways, on perfectly-paved and smooth roads, in dust-free circumstances. If you go by this definition, driving under “severe” driving conditions seem to be more typical.

oil change couponIf you drive less than 10 miles – the driving condition is said to be severe. If you have to use your brakes often, characteristic of the stop-go type of driving within any city – that, too, is severe. If you regularly carry heavy loads – that is severe condition.  If the weather is extremely cold…or extremely hot – that is likewise characterized as severe driving condition. Even dirty streets make for severe driving circumstances.  If truth be told, most of us drive under severe conditions – which call for oil change.

The oil in our engine tends to get dirty real quick if we drive under these conditions. It fails to do its job well. Toxins build up and begin to consume at the metal elements. The oil suspends the metal specks which tend to erode the very parts that the oil is supposed to shield from harm. We need to change oil, to get rid of harmful dirty oil.

Preventive maintenance extends the life of our vehicle.  If we bear this in mind, a 10 minute oil change seems to be a small price to pay – especially if an Express oil change coupon comes into the equation. If we change oil on a regular basis, we tend to prolong the usefulness of our engine.

Many drivers swear by an Express oil change coupon.  Service at any Express Oil Change and Service Center means top-of-the line servicing of your vehicle. Express centers found anywhere in the country is certain to be easy, fast, and convenient.  It is easy on the pocket, too.

Backed by years of experience in providing motorists with top quality service, Express is the go-to center for most motorists. Its mechanics are well-trained in the art of giving only the highest standard of customer-satisfaction.  They are efficient, courteous, and quick on their feet – eager to provide the service that is called for – and more – as fast and as efficiently as possible.

You have the option of conventional, semi synthetic, or the full-synthetic grade oil as replacement.  Your oil filter likewise gets replaced.  The mechanics will check your fluid levels to make sure that they are within the acceptable range. They look into your belts, hose, air filter, steering and suspension to make sure that all is well.  They check your chassis and undercarriage to determine if they are properly lubricated. Even your lights go through safety-checks.  All of these services are done with an Express oil change coupon – within a 10 minute time frame.  The mechanics simply want to make certain that you are driving under the safest conditions and they send you immediately on your way.